5 Hot Commercial Building Trends for 2018

Construction truly shows no signs of stopping and the commercial building industry has been going from strength to strength in the past decade keeping up to date with commercial building trends. With a net profit of over £500 billion annually and improved economic conditions for commercial building contractors, we are seeing new commercial construction projects cropping up everywhere across the UK. Naturally, trends will emerge and by knowing what the trends are, you can ensure that you stay on top of the commercial construction industry. Have a look at these commercial building trends for 2018 and beyond.


  1.  Offsite Construction: 

Offsite construction is on the rise, no doubt. It’s already huge across the world and to give you a heads up, is set to be even bigger. It’s an advantageous commercial construction technique that involves assembling modular elements of a project offsite and then transporting it to be put together onsite. It’s a faster, safer and smarter way of constructing for commercial builders and is more efficient and sustainable too. Construction management has never been easier.


  1. Virtual And Augmented Reality:

Using VR and AR tech, construction project teams can detect errors whilst still in the design phase. Through implementing this technology in commercial construction work, mistakes can be avoided that could compromise the project, saving you money and time down the line, when building a commercial building.


  1. Adaptive Reuse:

Hot at the moment, this is part of the ‘recycling’ and ‘upcycling’ trend that is going to shape the next decade. Adaptive Reuse is when a structure is restored for a different purpose, rather than have the structure demolished. Retrofitting a preexisting building for a new purpose comes with advantages such as saving time and waste, as it bypasses the processes of demolition and construction. The building is preserved, with very little impact to the environment.


  1. Going Green:

A hit at the minute and in the midst of the ‘war against plastic’, going green and sustainability is a leading trend in commercial building construction, and we suspect that it’s here for good. Those involved in the commercial construction industry are wanting to incorporate sustainable building materials and green building products in their projects. Using eco-friendly processes are a huge part of green building projects and they involve using recycled materials, water conservation, renewable energy, solar technology and geothermal power (to name a few!). A real breath of fresh air for the construction industry, which has long used processes that were not eco-friendly.

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  1. Structural Resiliency:

Natural disasters do occur, harming the economy, causing loss of life and damaging buildings in the process. Research is always underway to limit the damage caused by landslides, avalanches, wildfire, tsunamis, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes and floods, to name a few. Climate change has led to an increase in natural disasters, the construction industry is looking at different ways of commercial building design and constructing properties, so that they are more resilient to natural disasters.


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