What To Do With Old Kitchen Cabinets And Materials?

Ever wondered where your builder throws away your old kitchen?

Most people assume their old kitchen fittings just get chucked in the skip! But that often leads to a surplus of good-quality products and materials being wasted.

People don’t consider all of the options when getting rid of their old kitchen. Not sure what to do with old kitchen cabinets and materials? Read on to find out about other alternatives to kitchen waste disposal.

Donate Reusable Materials

You should consider donating any materials that are in good working condition. It’s a great way to reduce landfill waste whilst also helping the community.

Many charities and organisations benefit from donations such as cabinets, working household appliances and fittings.

Form Construction has taken an alternative method to kitchen waste disposal in an effort to reduce waste and support construction workers of the future.

The building contractors regularly donate excess materials to Eastleigh College for the construction and plumbing students to use during their training.

The business has donated equipment such as plumbing tanks and kitchen fittings for students to train with. This gives the trainees hands-on experience of using industry-standard materials and will enhance their skills and knowledge, preparing them for the workplace.

Matt Thomson, Managing Director at Form Construction, is passionate about supporting and encouraging students who are keen to carve out a career in the construction industry.

He said: “The students will get hands-on experience of the products they’re working with and when they are qualified they will have the skills and confidence needed to carry out the jobs required in their role.”

He added: “We’re definitely more likely to employ students from Eastleigh College, knowing they’re trained effectively and with experience using materials used in the industry.”

Vinnie, a Level 2 Carpentry and Joinery apprentice at the college, is already seeing the benefits of using the equipment donated by the residential building contractors.

He said: “Being able to fit a kitchen with the materials used in the industry has helped me for when I’m on site and actually doing it in my future career. It’s good practice to try it at college before doing it on my own in the workplace and it’s also given me the confidence that I can work independently.”

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 Recycle Kitchen Units

If your old kitchen is not in working condition, take a trip to your local household recycling waste centre. Make sure you consider if the materials can be recycled first! Most electrical appliances with a plug or battery can be recycled, as well as kitchen units and cabinets made from untreated wood.


Repurpose Kitchen Materials

You may be able to repurpose your old kitchen and find new uses for it within the home. Cabinets make for perfect storage spaces in other areas of the house. You can always repaint them to match your colour scheme or remove the doors to create open storage.

Got crafty fingers? Why not use old cabinets and wood to create a desk, trays, wall hangings or frames.

Kitchen Removal Service

Of course, there will be some materials that can’t be reused or recycled. These will need to go in a skip or to the landfill. You can hire a professional removal service to dispose of your renovation waste for you.