Hartley Road, Portsmouth

Key Features

  • Foundations
  • Block and beam
  • Drainage
  • Brickwork

This work was undertaken for a domestic client in Hartley Road, Portsmouth. This job was made very difficult by its close proximity to a shore line and a very high water table. This made us have to re-evaluate our methods of excavation and support for the excavations. Whilst undertaking the groundworks we hit a problem, unknown to us there was a full drainage system under the house which had to be subsequently removed, the groundworks proved tricky but not impossible.

The works compromised of the following:

  • Excavation and casting of foundations.
  • Clearance of over site.
  • Construction of block work and supporting walls up to DPC.
  • Installation of block and beam flooring.
  • Exposing drainage line and connection.
  • Installation of new drainage run outside of buildings footprint.
  • Construction of external brickwork and openings.

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